Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life won't pass you by

Slow down. Take a minute to catch your breath. Time seems to move slower that way. People say life won't wait for you but I believe it will. Maybe all your friends won't be the same and you'll be a little changed to. You'll still have time to say a simple hello, give a hug, share a smile.

Slow down. Take a minute to catch your breath. Time seems to move slower that way. People say life won't wait for you but I believe it will. Maybe seasons will change, a new generation will pass your way. You'll grow a little older a little wiser, but you'll still have time to share a kiss, write a letter, give some love.

Slow down. Take a minute to catch your breath. Time seems to move slower that way. People say life won't wait for you but I believe it will. Maybe your eyesight will start to fail and you'll forget your brain from time to time, but you'll still have time to hold his hand, walk down memory lane, and pick a flower on the roadside.

Slow down. Take a minute to catch your breath. You've got time. You've got time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

enough of the fingerwaggin

Isn't is strange how the things we easily get frustrated with in other people a lot of times, are the very things that we maybe aren't happy about in ourselves? Everyone has faults, many of them. Some are great some are small but there still faults. I'm learning to be less of a " fingerwagger" and more of a listener, observer and a lover. Lead by example. Don't be so quick to critizice, look inside your own life first for improvement. Others will be lead to true inspiration and perhaps admiration of your lifestyle and maybe that will ignite a small spark of change in their lives. Be different, be changed, challenge yourself to bring out the very best in someone and encourage them to look for the best in themselves. Always give someone a benefit of a doubt and a second chance. Always hope. Never give up on the impossible, you never know when life might take them for a ride back around. Pursue what is right, don't settle for second best. Love when it hurts, when its not warm fuzzy butterflies, but maybe painful choices. Enjoy the time you infest into friendships. Friendships are livelong treasures you only find in a gold box once.

Just some random words of encouragement. Hope you all have a blessed evening!

One two buckle my shoe

Being one of five siblings...lets just say there is never a dull moment. The story begins like so...

Colter, my 21 year old brother came to visit our family in good old kalispell, Montana for a week. My mom had been insisting that we must get our family pictures done because we were all home at once.

Three days before, the hunt for a shirt began. It had to be something somewhat coordinated, not stained, and that actually fit. Shirts like that are hard to come by in my house. " How about this?" the dirtball of a six year old proudly held up his wrinkled American Flag shirt. " Well, I don't think that will exactly work Seth, its not fourth of July anymore..." A look of defeat swept across his face.

" Do you have your shirt picked out for family pictures?" The twenty three year old fashion consultant yelled from the bathroom.

" No, not yet, but I will by tommorrow!"

Saturday morning I snuck upstairs thinking about my ingenious plan of getting up and getting to the bathroom before anyone else was even up, but much to my suprise, Tom, Dick, and Harry (aka Sasha, Kirsten, and Sophie) cheerfully greeted me over the loud hair blow dryers and smoking curling irons( just joking it wasn't that bad)
" Hey girls why are you up so early?"
" You know wanted to get up before Mom Dad and Seth get up cus you know everyone will want to get into the bathroom.
"Get outta the bathroom girls, come on, I need to fix my hair!" my older brothers impatient voice boomed from outside the door."

Twenty minutes later.

" Everyone have brown shoes?" Olivia, are you seriously thinking about wearing that ugly shirt. Dad, you hair looks like you just rolled out of bed. UGHH how are these pictures ever going to turn out ok...

( To be continued)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"your personal slave"

Its funny how we don't necessarily ponder over something until we are placed in the situations ourselves.

Let me explain:

My name is Olivia. Olivia Roskos. No one calls me that though its always "liv" or "livers" or "liver and onions" which is oddly suitable for the restaurant business:)

I work at Sizzlers as a waitress part time while trying to finish up my senior year on top of figuring out what I want to do with my life:)

Waitressing is a lot of fun though so I can't complain. Its also taught me quite a bit about people in general. For instance:

Whenever I ask some random person at the grocery store how they are doing its always " Oh great, but hey I'm in a real hurry lets caught up another time k?" but when you are going crazy waiting on 15 different tables its a little different story. I didn't know a quick " how are you?" would lead to...

" Well, ACTUALLY my great Aunt Mertil just got a foot infection, my face got stung by a bee, and I gained half a pound from the cheese toast last time I was here!!"

Hmm...maybe I should of not asked?"

And then we always have the "unpredictable" Mr. critical doesn't waste a minute to let you know that his steak is well..." I asked for medium, but this looks somewhere between medium and almost medium well but yeah...can I just get a recook?" So I take it back.

" Here you go sir, here is a recook, now is there anything else I can get for you?"

" Well, mam actually could you have them maybe recook it again and maybe make it a little less medium, maybe somewhere between medium rare and medium."

" Oh sure in all my spare time!" ( hey, I didn't say that just thought it;) "Yes, sir I'll be right back!"

We can't forget the "silent mysterious readers," those kind I like the best! They would rather be left only with there ice cold glass of water and small plate of salad then be bugged repeatedly...

" Hey! are you done with that plate YET?"

Everytime I come around another plate is carefully cleaned and stacked neatly along with the others.

"I'm sorry but is there any way I can bug you for another napkin? I mean, if its not that much trouble?" They smile at me sheepishly.

" No, you don't get more napkins, I mean you only used two plates and drank a fourth of a glass of water why of course not!"


" Well, anyways here is 10 dollars for all the trouble I put you through!

" Hey Trouble, come in more often and I'll be happy to wait on you!"

"More than any other thing as I'm starting to realize my true coffee snob ways- I'm also realizing the large group of fellow people sharing in this fault.

How was I supposed to know its the "golden rule" to " at all times keep the cup full or you just might get attacked with a knife and pitchfork!" YIKES!! Wish someone would have told me sooner:)

Maybe someday I'll have my guests figured out but until then I guess I will have to be content being "their personal slave!"