Sunday, September 27, 2009


Olivia Roskos

Run. Stop. Cough.

Lungs fill with air, a little farther, another stride, almost there.

Stop. Cough. Sweat.

Behind you, don’t look back, don’t be afraid, forward, eyes ahead. The boulder

Trip. Fall. Yell.

It hears you. Hurry!

Scurry. Duck. Hide

It smells you. Fear!

Shh… quiet.

Beating heart, like a drum.

Can it hear you?

Loud. Growl. Fierce. Big

Wait. Wait. Wait.

It lurks. Quiet!

Sweat pours like raindrops from the sky.

Hand’s shake. Creatures crawl.

It is gone. Move!

Head aches like a shaking earthquake.

Is it safe to look?

Hold back child just one moment more. Please wait.

Look up. Worry lifted.

It has left.

Think Twice

If you’re not playing the game, please son, change your name.
This world’s not for you, not your fame.

The Father came to give you grace, make you new
But not replace all of you.

He’ll use your gifts and who you are
For something great I know by far

Great in the world’s eyes it may not be
But knowing you loved is the greatest accomplishment you will see

When the world tears you down, He’ll stay by your side
Melt your heart filled with pride and give you hope for a brand new day

So please don’t say you’ll turn away from His face
When you’re given the chance will you remember His grace?

How He was beaten and struck ,hung on that tree
For every little deed done by you and every little sin done by me.