Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The beauty of sisterhood

Imagine if it was humanly possibly to bring two souls together bound as one. If there was only one person, you could be knitted together with. Whom would you choose?

Some might choose a great patriot- someone who fought for the rights of the country- the freedom of the people; others might select a fashion model someone graced with beauty and flawlessness- a divine work of art. Personally would choose my sister. An individual so simple but yet remarkable…

I would rather spend infinity enjoying the small details of life with such a human than with the most legendary person in the world. The matchless bond between sisterhood is a priceless treasure. A special vow that should never be broken, but if by some chance that should happen- the bond is so strong that the shattered pieces could be easily glued back together.

A sister may not always make you feel special, appreciated, or beautiful, but they will never lack honesty…

When a sister departs, it’s like a piece of yourself just walked out the door. What’s worse is knowing that you may never be able to capture it and bring it back home again.

When you are carrying the character of such a beautiful individual on your shoulders, you can't help but be careful about the way you live

You act as if you are annoyed by the constant compliments of you and your sisters beauty and how you are just spitting images of each other, but secretly you smile inside knowing that there is no one else you would rather be like.

Being a sister is being a pain, an embarrassment, but so worth it at the end of the day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

gaze with wonder

Is it the small po dunk town of Kalispell, Montana? Is it the beautiful city of Prague with its each intricate details of history etched on every cobblestone street? Perhaps is it the small boot-wearing, big smilin' town of Brownwood Texas, where the sky is bluer than any waves in the ocean and your neighbors so close to you that you can hear the toilet flush. Where is it that we are happy? Content. If we are here...why can't we be there? If every scene is the same as the one before...why can't we skip ahead a few?

Wherever you are, place yourself into a position of contentment. Because everywhere your not there are people wishing they were where you are.

Is is the small tourist town of Seaside Oregon? The salty ocean air against your face as you observe the picturesque tourist shops and cafes. Is it the hot california sun? Your body soaks in the warm summers heat on the white sand of a crowded beach. Is it the small mexican village of Abosola? Where the dusty roads and vivid sunset remind you of something from an old western? Where is it that we are happy? Are we content in our everyday surroundings? In the grind of the norm do we forget to cast our eyes upon the majestic mountains or the vast cloudless sky? Do we often hesitate in carefully observing the details of a six sided snowflake as it rest and melts on our cheeks? What has possesed us to be such products prone to dissatisfaction? Do we not have eyes to gaze in awe upon the masterpiece of the universe? A complex mind to ponder over the beautifully painted canvas of our Creator? Have we not been blessed with hands to touch, mold, shape, feel, every breathing inhabitant on this earth? Have we not a nose to deeply inhale the sweet scent of spring flowers or the almost to clean alpine air? Do we long to touch, hold something different, be where the stars twinkle just a litte bit brighter, the air is just a little bit crisper, the gorgeous golden autumn leaves are a richer color? If we look where we are- exactly where we are- and study with the eyes of deep satisfaction, appreciation, and wonder, I am almost certain, we could discover rich wonders to talk about for a lifetime:)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

You been there a time or two?

Sometimes I feel like my life is one huge embarrassing moment, well some days that is how it feels anyway. I guess when your used to being a space cadet you don't even really realize that your embarrassing yourself! Here is some things random hints that may be able to help you out- well if you have ever been in these kind of situations that is...:)

(1) Never EVER lock your keys in your car with the lights on( knowing that the other set is prob under the seat in your car as well)oops!
(2) When you are counting a till- make sure and double check that its yours:)
(3) Never tell people to just grab pennies out of the tip jar- bad idea!
(4) Never hit the snooze button- never!
(5) Don't set your alarm clock early- you'll just end up sleeping in an hour later than you wanted to.
(6) Don't call to cancel your debit card if you can't find it one day- chances are its probably under the front seat of your car :)
(7) If you really really need a haircut and your hairdresser is out of town- don't go to some cheap haircut place because-"hey! its great clips and oh LOOK! haircuts are only five bucks-great deal!" wouldn't reccomend it you'll probably spend 100$ bucks getting it back to the point where you can actually go out in public again:)Just wait till your hairdresser gets back, you'll be glad you did!
(8)NEVER go into Best Buy alone, they will attack you with an all to friendly smiles- and (trust me)they know the unlucky victims that don't know anything about computers:/ I guess they can just sense it. Always bring a computer nerd with you, or better yet be a computer nerd yourself!
(9) Not everyone is trying to get a buck off of you, some people actually just like giving deals!
(10)There is a world outside of facebook- you'll find it if you look hard enough. Don't worry:)

Hope this helps you out, or at least made you laugh;)
May God Bless you!